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Kansas City Hauling

Our equipment, owned and operated in house, is one thing that sets Houston Excavation and Demolition apart from our competitors here in Kansas City, MO. On a wide range of projects, we are able to complete every step from start to finish with our own crew and our own heavy equipment. Not having to bring in subcontractors for hauling and other important steps of the process means that you know the job will be done correctly and affordably.

We have the ability, the expertise, and the equipment to haul demolition materials, waste, trees, brush, fill, dirt, and much more.  We own an extensive fleet of tractors and trailers, including but not limited to a 41-foot push-out trailer and our own end-barrel dumps. Additionally, we utilize our own loaders to fill up our trucks.  We are also capable of hauling your large equipment on our low boy, if the need arises. Providing all of these options with our own equipment saves our customers money.

Whether your job is small or large, we can tailor a plan to meet your hauling needs. Efficiency is one of our top priorities, and we have the resources to load up to twelve trucks simultaneously. Having the right array of equipment allows us to complete your job according to your time frame.

As with all of our other services, our experience speaks for itself when it comes to hauling. As an example, we moved over 260.000 yards of dirt from the Zona Rosa site to a developer’s project. Once the dirt was successfully relocated, we filled and compacted the site to prepare for a commercial development. This speaks to both the scale of our hauling capabilities and the range of services we can tailor to our customers’ needs.

Call Houston Excavation and Demolition to see how we can save you money and time on your next project that includes hauling. We have the equipment, the staff, and the experience to do jobs of all sizes at a great price and on a timeline that works for you.

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