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Kansas City Salvage

Here at Houston Excavation and Demolition in Kansas City, while our team holds the quality of our work as a point of pride, we also know that value is important to our clientele. For that reason, we look for innovative ways to offset the costs of building demolition, plant closing, decommissioning, and dismantlement projects. Then, we pass these savings on to you, our customer. Salvage is just one of these offerings. We think you will be pleased with the results.

Our internal investment recovery department can quickly and efficiently maximize the value of the assets located within the parameters of the project. For example, we will sell or repurpose scrap copper, steel, and other metals, but the list does not end there. Reusable wood, glass, stone, and other materials can also find second lives elsewhere. Even certain whole fixtures in good condition can be salvaged. Our experts are trained to assess every square inch of the property to find goods that may be of secondhand value. Nobody else can beat our expertise.

In addition to providing extraordinary value for our customers, our innovative salvage techniques are beneficial for the environment. By reducing the amount of material sent to a landfill, we provide a greener service when it comes to demolition projects in the Kansas City area. Furthermore, salvaging can save energy that would be used in the production of new materials. In this particular case, what is best for your pocketbook is also best for our planet. This is what we call a “win-win.”

Call us to find out more about how our internal investment recovery department’s material salvage processes can save you money while benefiting the planet. We believe you will be surprised at what a difference we can make for your next demolition project, no matter what type it entails.

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